HPC training

To get the most out of the system

A High Performance Compute (HPC) facility is hosted within the UMC Utrecht to facilitate computational research. Details about the HPC can be found on the wiki.

We provide basic training on how to make the most out of the HPC infrastructure.

In our monthly course we provide training to researchers on the following topics:

  • Job submission and optimalisation
  • Proper generation and usage of test sets
  • Error logging and fixing
  • Shared software
  • Shared resources

Consultancy service

For expertise advice on your research and the possibilities UBEC offers to get the most out of your data: request a meeting at our consulting hour, each Friday at 14:30. Experimental design, data management, bioinformatics analysis, results and follow-up experiments are discussed. The facility manager ensures that experts from participating organizations are present during this meeting.

You can request a meeting at bec@umcutrecht.nl.