NGS analysis

Your partner for Next Generation sequencing based experiments

The UBEC provides bioinformatics support and services as an expertise centre within the Center for Molecular Medicine at the UMC Utrecht

We run and help maintain the Illumina Analysis Pipeline developed within the CMM. This pipeline can perform the different steps required to go from sequencing output (FASTQ) to mapped data (BAM) or called and annotated variants (VCF). We offer the following services (*prices ex VAT):

AnalysisUnit Service fee * Data type
Mapping (WGS)sample€ 50DNA
germline SNV + InDelsample€ 0DNA
CNV + SV callingsample€ 15DNA
somatic callingWGS tumor/normal sample€ 10DNA
Mapping (RNA)sample€ 5RNA
read count analysissample€ 5mRNA
Differential expression analysis + figuressample€ 5mRNA

Consultancy service

For expertise advice on your research and the possibilities UBEC offers to get the most out of your data: request a meeting by emailing us. Experimental design, data management, bioinformatics analysis, results and follow-up experiments are discussed. The facility manager ensures that experts from participating organizations are present during this meeting.

You can request a meeting at