EGA (repository) Access and Upload Services

Welcome to the website of the DAC (Data Access Committee) of the Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) - UMC Utrecht for your access and upload requests regarding the European Genome-Phenome Archive (EGA).

Here you can find the instructions on how to request access to datasets on the EGA that are administrated by our DAC.

Both, the data access request and data submission process include the completion of a certain set of forms. On the right side you can find the forms as empty templates.

You would like to get access:

  • Familiarise yourself with the Access Request forms.
  • Fill in the Data Access Request Form.
  • Send this form and your CV to our DAC email-address.
  • Please submit one access request per data-set.
  • If you apply from outside of the European Union please show the DTA and Data Protection Adequacy Clause to your legal department.

The access request process:

  • You submit a data access request to us.
  • We review your application and provide you with an initial evaluation of your application.
  • Within 60 working days the DAC will congregate and come to a final verdict.
  • We inform you about the DAC decision based on your application documents.
  • If affirmative, we send you the pre-filled DTA to you with the request approval email.
  • Once we have received the signed DTA (and EU clause where applicable) from you back, we iniated the signature with our management team.
  • As soon as you have received the final signed DTA back from us, we inform the EGA support desk to enable the access to the data-sets that you have applied for.

You would like to submit data-sets to EGA:

  • Contact us via email and inform us about your data-submission needs.
  • We can help you define and split your data-sets in the most appropriate way and create a study.
  • Please fill in the Data Access Requirements form and gather all available information about the Informed Consent of your research.
  • Submit all forms in addition to the filled out and signed EGA Submission Statement to us.
  • We will finalise the submission to EGA with you via email correspondence.

The data submission process:

  • We figure out together the shape of your study and data-sets on EGA.
  • You supply us with all necessary filled in and signed forms in addition to the data; we take care of the technical submission to EGA.
  • We review and manage the access requests for your data, based on the limitations you have established.
Informed ConsentReport about the informed consent you have applied for this data and how the participant have decided upon it.
EGA submission statementSupply EGA with this submission statement to publish your data via our DAC.

Data Access Committee

For technical and administrative support of submission and requests for data-sets published via the European Genome-Phenome Archive - EGA. This DAC provides this service to the Division of Biomedical Genetics UMC Utrecht, as well as affiliated partner institutions.

Please contact us via email: